About Us

Mike and Jennifer Holm in August 2009.

Owner and Operator of Clean Grout Northwest,  Mike Holm, began his journey in the tile and stone industry  in early 2002. At a Poulsbo flooring shop in Kitsap County he became well skilled in installing, grouting, and caulking. On his first job for sealing grout it became very evident to Mike how important it was to care for and protect any tile and stone. Thus began several years of researching and learning about tile cleaning and sealing.
Mike at 19 years old at the Crossville Tile Plant in Crossville Tennessee, where he learned how shower pans are properly built and how to use a fake id.

Mike at 19 years old at the Crossville Tile Plant in Crossville Tennessee, where he spent a week learning about proper shower construction and tiling methods.

Soon after, Mike was recruited to work on high end homes with a local granite and marble fabrication and installation company located in Kingston to further his experience in grouting, caulking, and sealing.  Mike worked with stone masons with decades of experience as well as getting to work in the granite fabrication shop.  This was where Mike first got to experience the joy of polishing stone. Mike found that many homeowners and even tile shops had little education in taking care of their tile or stone investments. So he took matters into his own hands and started his first company The Grout Guy in the beginning of 2005. His first tile and grout cleaning jobs were with a bucket with brushes and sponges. As this quickly became tiring and inefficient he came across a patented system of cleaning tile and grout with an adjustable pressure washing tool with a vacuum connected.
The "Turbo" tool pressure washes and extracts simultaneously.

The "Turbo" tool pressure washes and extracts simultaneously.

Owners Mike and Jennifer Holm married in August 2009 and started Clean Grout Northwest in the winter of 2010.  They were low on work and deeply and debt but felt that there was a need for an honest and fair company on the Olympic Peninsula to deliver tile and grout cleaning, sealing, re-grouting, re-caulking and repairs.  They started the company out of a 1993 Saturn that was purchased from some friends from church for $300.00 (missing front fender and all).  Loaded up with tools and buckets and showing up at customers homes with a smile on the face ready to deliver great results. Before long the car was sold and a van was bought, then came van lettering and our first website.  Then this website, and hopefully soon a new website. Fast Forward to 2015, Clean Grout Northwest has been in business for 5 years (Where did the time go) and Mike and Jennifer have been blessed with 2 little grout scrubbers (daughters).