A few days ago I received a phone call from a General Contract on Bainbridge Island that has used us a couple of times for some tile cleaning jobs on Bainbridge Island.  He let me know, “I may have a job for you, do you have anything to clean fiberglass shower pans and hard water off of glass doors?” “I sure do.” The story behind this job is that the homeowner had lived in the house for it’s first 10 years of existence but then was relocated halfway across the country by his company.  He rented the house out to some “friends” who then proceeded to completely trash the place…sadly they did a really good job of doing that.  And a really poor job of keeping the master shower clean, as you can see in this picture. CLEAN ME!!! This Bainbridge Island shower had a lot of soap scum build up on not only the tiles, but the shower pan and shower doors, along with a bit of hard water deposits that the South End of Bainbridge Island home owners know all about.  Fortunately after a long day we were able to salvage this shower and make it sparkly new again. The first to do was lots of scrapping. Soap Scum Galore After a couple of hours of scrapping with some specialty tools/blades I did a really good scrub with a cleaner, and then used a top secret product/system to clean the glass doors.  They were barely see through when we started. These doors are not frosted. After cleaning/polishing process. The next steps consisted of scrubbing the shower pan and then removing the old caulking and replacing with 100% Silicone caulk, leaving the shower tile and grout looking nearly brand new again. Clean enough for a Princess Thanks for reading about Clean Grout Northwests most recent tile cleaning on Bainbridge Island.