On March 10 I did a shower tile and grout cleaning, and hard water removal on a master shower in a beautiful waterfront home on Bainbridge Island.  My clients were concerned that their entire shower was going to need to be torn out and redone, costing in the area of $4,000-8,000.00  The shower door was very foggy due to hard water spots, and the grout on the shower pan had soap scum build up and was discolored. Through the processes that I have learned of cleaning tile and grout, and recaulking I was able to remove the bad deteriorated caulking and caulk with new 100% color matched Caulking.  I also removed the hard water spots on the glass door and polished the glass up making it look like new. ( Clients had considered purchasing a new glass door)  The tile on the walls and shower pan was cleaned and I clear sealed the wall grout with drytreat Stainproof sealer and the shower pan got 2 coats of colorseal. It was a very gratifying job knowing that my clients were very pleased and that I had saved them a lot of money by doing a restoration instead of a shower remodel.  The process was less than $500 including all of the  materials and they were able to resume using their shower in only a few days. If you are in need of tile cleaning on Bainbridge Island, or a shower restoration like the one described above, give me a call.  I would love to add you to my list of satisfied clients. Mike Holm, owner Clean Grout Northwest