The amount of tile and stone installed in Bremerton has grown dramatically over the past 10 years, especially during the boom of the mid 2000's.  Granite and Marble countertops have also been installed in homes in Bremerton at an increasing rate.  The prices of granite and marble installation are coming down making it more affordable for the average Bremerton homeowner to fit stone into their bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel.

A shower full of soap scum and dirty grout. Needed re-caulking and grout sealing.


After cleaning, sealing, disinfecting, re-caulking. Looks as good as new.

Tile backsplashes are also becoming more popular.  Glass backsplashes have skyrocketed in popularity and the price to purchase glass tiles has come down due to the amount of competition in this arena.  Tile and natural stone or glass tiles are beautiful and the materials are very durable.  However many people tend to have a touch time maintaining there grout (keeping it clean) and are frustrated that the steam mops on the market and other products are not doing the trick when it comes to cleaning their grout.  Most tiles clean relatively easily due to not being porous, but grout is extremely porous, especially unsealed grout. With thousands of feet of tile and grout and granite countertops out there to maintain we saw a void and it is Clean Grout Northwests mission to help fill it.  We are based in Poulsbo Washington but often provide our services to the Bremerton area.  The owner Mike Holm has over a decade experience and has cleaned and sealed tens of thousands of square feet of tile, granite, marble as well as installed a lot of tile in Kitsap County and has built a reputation for his ability to get tile and grout clean.  Whether you have a dirty tile or stone floor, a moldy shower that needs to be regrouted, recaulked, or have the tile soap scum removed, glass shower doors polished, Mike and his crew at Clean Grout Northwest would love to help you out. There are various sealers available to seal your grout, granite, and marble and Clean Grout Northwest has the experience and knowledge to know which sealers work better in different situations.  They also have sealers to fit any budget and offer free demonstrations and quotes.