Estimates/Bidding Process

Some things you may like to know before you call us. We like to be up front with the pricing of our tile and grout cleaning services.  When we give an estimate it is our promise that the job will not exceed the cost quoted.  Sometimes in fact I share with my clients during the walk through that the price may actually be less if all goes smoothly, as this is a pleasant surprise for us and for our clients. We are often asked over the phone how much do we charge per square foot, or how much is a shower regrout and recaulk.  As much as we would like to give pricing and set the job up over the phone, this usually cannot happen for a several reasons.  The type of tile (ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone such as slate, marble, limestone, quartzite, granite etc) can require different cleaning chemicals.  The size of the tiles, size of grout joints, and the quality of the installation play a factor as well.  The biggest factor is often tile layout.  We can clean 500 s.f. of open area much faster than we can 500 s.f. of tile that is down hallways, bathrooms, and offices.  We also have masking of hardwood and carpet in certain situations. Shower Regrouting/Recaulking Restoration jobs can vary for some of the same reasons and also we must pre-inspect the shower in the first place to make sure that the shower is not damaged.  This is sometimes the case if the tile was installed over sheetrock or even greenboard.  Poorly set tiles with the lack of proper building methods sometimes cause us to turn away these types of jobs. We like to give our clients multiple choices of services.  For example for lets say 300 s.f. of ceramic floor tile that is pretty soiled and a lighter colored grout with some obvious staining in spots (which we know will not come out 100%)  We will offer a cleaning price, two cleaning and impregnating sealer prices (different qualities and different costs for us) and also a price for colorsealing the grout. We currently do not charge trip charges, estimates and even tile cleaning demonstrations are free to Kitsap County Residents and Businesses.   We look forward to cleaning your tile and grout and making it as beautiful as the day it was finished.