In Early December I got a call for a shower restoration on a home that was less than 4 years old on the south end of Bainbridge Island's Fort Ward area.  This custom tile shower which actually ended up being a very nice steam shower needed a lot of attention.  There was soap scum and efflorescence on the shower pan tile and grout that needed to be scrubbed off.  The original installers had put siliconized acrylic caulking over the top of the grout at the base of the shower pan, and the caulking had long gone bad and had started to grow mold.  Also the glass block had mold growing on the mortar and was deteriorating due to this as well. I had to do multiple cleaning steps to get all of the white that you'll see in the photo's below before removing all of the caulking.  Since this job was to be colorsealed I also needed to acid etch the grout for proper bonding with a grout specific acid.  After having the homeowner choose a color that was just slightly darker than the original color (the color of the grout on the walls had faded considerably...maybe due to bleach or other common cleaners that are not great for grout) I colorsealed all of the grout on the walls, shower pan, and yes this one was a stream shower so the ceiling was tiled as well.  I hadn't sealed grout on very many ceilings so this was a nice change of pace.
Fort Ward after the Clean Grout Northwest treatment

I'm "Brand New" again....THANK YOU!

Before the Clean Grout Northwest treatment

Fix me please!