On Monday March 28 I got to do one of favorite and most rewarding jobs, a tile and grout clean and colorseal.  The job was located in Poulsbo Washington and it worked out great because the job was less than a 1/4 mile from my personal residence and was the grandmother of a friend that I graduated high school with and have known since I was in 2nd grade. The job itself was 570 S.F. of ceramic tile on a brick pattern.  The tile was a very light color and the home owners had picked a very light grout color, Antique White years ago when the floor was installed.  Over the years the tile and grout got dirty, especially the grout. The grout was stained, especially in the high traffic area’s and most notably in the kitchen. We applied an alkaline cleaning solution on all of the floor in sections and used our machine to blast and pressure wash the grout with about 1,100 psi of pressure.  We followed this with a grout specific acid on the joints only to etch the grout joints for the grout sealer to bond properly, and pressure washed the grout for a 2nd time.  Then we set up air movers after the entire tile floor was cleaned to speed up the dry time so that we could seal the grout the same day. With our grout colorseal I was able to mix a color practically an exact match to the original Antique White.  After doing a sample spot and getting approval that the color looked great from the homeowner we proceeded to apply the grout colorseal to the grout, joint by joint with a brush.  It is a tedious and time consuming job but the end result is stain proof grout, that locks the color in while locking out the stains.  The grout will now be very easy to clean and maintain for years to come. The most enjoyable and rewarding part of the job is a great big smile on both the homeowners faces as they thank us for their brand new looking tile floor.