Granite Countertop Polishing and Sealing

Solid Surface Countertops such as Granite and Marble continue to be a popular choice.  Many homeowners have learned that beyond the beauty and strength, this stone can also be porous and can stain.  Finger print marks and streak residue are also some common granite complaints.  The home improvement television shows have educated the public to seal granite “every year” or “every six months”, but this can grow to be burdensome and expensive.  Also cleaning with improper cleaning solutions such as window cleaners, dish soaps can (do) leave behind residues that sink down into the pores of the stone. Clean Grout Northwest uses a very high quality granite stone sealer that does not need to be reapplied year after year. We will educate you on how to maintain your granite or marble countertops to keep them clean and residue free.  The sealer is V.O.C. compliant and food area safe. Regular maintenance with our tile and grout cleaner that can also be used to clean granite and marble countertops will help make the maintenance on your stone a breeze. In the case that there are hard water deposits on your granite or hard surfaces we can polish them off and also do a complete granite restoration if needed.  We can do chip repairs to fill those annoying holes and sharp edges if you accidentally hit them with a frying pan a little too hard.

This is a piece of slate with some water on it after being sealed.

Other areas in your home that may have stone including fireplaces, showers, backsplashes and floors we can professionally clean and seal with a variety of products to fit your particular needs.