Hard Water Removal- Glass Polishing

Glass shower enclosures have become exceedingly more popular over the standard shower curtain. With the pesky hard water deposits, unsightly stains accumulate and are difficult to remove. Occasionally my wife puts our one shower curtain through the washer. If only it were that simple with glass doors! Never mind the washer. Clean Grout Northwest has a process that removes the stubborn spots. We also  provide a glass sealer , a quite similar affect that rain-x has on the windshield of your car.  We can actually polish out some small scratches and remove all of the hard water spots leaving your glass shower doors looking like new! We also can polish your fixtures, metal tracking, and the hard water spots on your ceramic or porcelain tile. *For stone showers we cannot use the same method, but may be able to use polishing diamonds to restore your marble, limestone, or granite.